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Biomagnetic Healing
with Hands:













The Network for Biomagnetic Healing with your Hands welcomes you. On our website you will find all information about the practical use of Therapeutic Magnetism with your Hands.

"Healing by magnetism
is taking a leading role
in the further development
of the human race."

Abd-ru-shin, author  "In the Light of Truth , THE GRAIL MESSAGE"

"Mesmer's research proved that an ailment can be cured through laying on of hands, similar to laying on a magnet. In modern trials it was shown that the particles of matter are aligned, similar to a magnet. If the body is aligned, it gains back its elementary particles. A magnetic alignment is the prediction for admitting higher order cosmic energy into the body and letting it circulate freely in the body." Biomagnetic Healing with your Hands, Therapeutic Magnetism in Theory and Practice.

Please also visit www.healing-magnetism.com

What is therapeutic magnetism?

Find a therapist

Please also visit www.healing-magnetism.com


Human Aura, radiation, astral body

The Astral Body

New Therapeutic Magnetism Award for Autism specialist using Biomagnetic Healing (Steven Susanto)

You tube feedback for Biomagnetic healing and Anorexia 

First Biomagnetic Healing training in Indonesia for Special Needs Children

The Nerve strands of Life - Laws of Nature

Interesting Video about Biophotons and Healing. Interview with Fritz Albert Popp

Treating Anorexia with Biomagnetic Healing. A case study. Presented to the NEDC. National Eating Disorder Collaboration

Let there be ....and there was. Without light there is no cosmos

Diabetes I feedback. (Yesterday she went to control and has now much lower values).

What is the difference between Biomagnetic Healing with Hands and Reiki or other energy healing methods?

New feedback. Epilepsy help. (Left side of page, scroll down)

Questions and Answers during seminar

The 200th anniversary of the death of Franz Anton Mesmer

  • New distance learning format for BMH
  • New feedback concerning the usage of BMH
  • Listen to this wonderful video about Magnetic Fields from Manly Hall
  • Biomagnetic Healing Training and Therapy now available in Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Let's meditate every Sunday!
  • Biomagnetic Healing seminars now also via Skype
  • Prevention is better than cure
  • Upcoming Biomagnetic Healing Seminar for Australia.
  • BioMagnetic Healing introduced to Australia October 24th 2013

    Institute for BioMagnetic Healing with Hands

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    Solar X-rays:


    Geomagnetic Field:

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