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Biomagnetic Healing
with Hands:













 There is a great number of valuable books about Anton Mesmer and Healing Magnetism available.

Also check out this link https://peoplemedicine.info/mesmer-associates/


Biomagnetic Healing with your Hands

 What holds the world together at its innermost core, is - according to this detailed and deeply researched book - the magnetism that dwells in everything that exists. Magnetic fields are the link between different dimensions and planes of creation, on both a large and a small scale. How all of the knowledge that is presented here in such an easily understandable fashion can be applied in practice even by absolute beginners is detailed in this book very impressively, using a very practical approach to the topic. She writes how the ethereal bodies are interwoven with the material one and how therapeutic magnetism works in practice. By following precise directions for exercises in this book you will learn how to return the magnetic fields of a human being to their natural balance simply by laying on of hands. The techniques described will enable the self-regulating forces in your organism to be able to take effect again.





5.0 out of 5 starsReview from Andreas Tenhagen

Johanna Arnold is an expert in this field of Mesmerism and Magnetism. Her way of doing Mesmerism has nothing to do with hypnosis and are based on her own long-term experience of over 30 year clinical/therapeutical practise and on the experiences of her father. Her own study of the work of Dr. med. Franz Anton Mesmer et al. created a technique what Johanna Arnold describes in her book.

It is really her own experience what leads through the book and not, what some other authors does, to copy from a copy from a copy....

A real "must-have" for every serious Magnetist.


Biomagnetic Healing with your Hands is a very well and clear professionally written book.
Everything is in vibration - microcosm - macrocosm. The earth, and every cell in our body has an electromagnetic field
that surrounds and protects us. The awareness of our own 'magnetism' - everyone has it - just try it.
A lot of "exercises" well explained that you can practice right away excellent guidance and assistance of the author.
Filled with wonderful healing practices. I believe healing can occur just from reading this book. It is deeply moving and profound.
A natural learnable Therapy by anyone. A simple effective method of healing, just by laying on of your hands.
A great help for everybody, all days, for the challenges of our time



 5.0 out of 5 stars Very nice book full of easy to follow directions and greatly researched background. Very interesting read,

I am quite familiar with the first part, leading up to the practical section, but there was plenty of well-researched and informative content that I benefitted from still. The author is obviously at the cutting edge of this new (yet verrrrry old) science. Let us hope that our national health services will in due time recognize the benefits of such therapy and cover them as a preventative measure as well as a cure.

Definitely worth buying for anyone interested in this healing concept or even the ethereal workings behind our visible world. Excellent book!

4.0 out of 5 stars Good book,

The middle chapters a lot better then the first few, as it could have helped more if the author could have aligned to a particular school of thought, how ever she is very well researched and is a great book for any one who wants to learn with practice, if the principal of fascination was addressed that would have been an extra bonus , how the topic is healing by hands. I like the book a lot









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